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Best Marketing Tools for a New Welding Business

You might be the greatest welder the world has ever seen, and you might be trying start the biggest welding business. However, you might not be able to get customers unless people know about the existence of the business. This is where advertisement and marketing comes in. You need to advertise your welding business for your target customers to know about it.

Just like any new business or company, your new welding business is less likely to pay off immediately when you start. It might take some time, probably a few months or even a couple years before people can start to trust you and start seeking your welding services on a regular basis. For this reason, you should market your welding business with a lot of effort and rigor. If you are currently working, you should hold on to your current job for a while and get enough money to support the business for the period it will not have enough customers.

Finding Clients

When you start a welding business, clients will not just start walking into your workshop for your services immediately. You need to find a way to attract them. Advertisement is the best way to let your potential clients know that you exist.

Marketing and advertising are huge subjects. They require dedication, effort, and a lot of time. Good news is, there are numerous marketing tools that you can use to market your welding business and get clients. Without further ado, let’s look at these tools.


A proper website has become a necessity and a very important part of any business. In fact, you can be sure that your business will die slowly and be no more if you do not have a website. The first step to getting a website is to get a genuine domain name. After securing a domain name, construct a quality website that is easy to navigate. With a website, your potential clients will be able to find you when they search for your welding services online.

Most people looking for welding services and products in the USA and in many other parts of the world usually start by searching for such services and goods online. If they need a reputable welder, they will perform a simple Goggle search of such as “Best welders in my area”. So, if you don’t have a website, you will not be found online and you will be losing your potential clients to your competitors who already have websites. So, it is extremely important that you have a website as soon as you start your welding business or any business at that.

Besides, you also need good email address that you can use as your official business email. Having a website also gives business owners the opportunity to have a custom email address. For instance, instead of using, you will have something like This looks much more professional as compared to yahoo or aol email addresses.

Social Media

Social media is one of the greatest marketing tools you can use to keep your welding business busy. Almost everyone is on Facebook today. It is one of the many social media platforms any business owner cannot ignore. You should use Facebook advertising to target the local area where your business is located. In addition, Facebook can be a great tool to market your business on pages of your competitors. Post relevant pieces of information related to your services and location of your business on Facebook and ask your friends to share.

YouTube is another great social media platform that you can leverage in many different ways. You should have a YouTube where you can post interesting videos of your great work. You can use the same videos you have posted on the YouTube account for your welding business to create a video reel, which you can also share with both your business partners and potential clients.

You should also have a Twitter account where you can share your ideas concerning metal fabrication services, welding businesses, and any useful pieces of information related to welding. You should be active on Twitter by posting ideas regularly, commenting on other people’s posts, and also sharing other people’s ideas.

Direct Mail

Invest in a direct mail program which targets the local residential clients and the businesses in the area where your welding business is located. This is one of those areas you should invest some of your money and effort into as it can be tremendously helpful in bringing new clients if done right. The only catch is that it takes patience and it also requires money initially. If you don’t have money to invest in a mail program, you can wait until the business starts to bring you some money, which you can then invest in this area. Direct mail programs are a great marketing tool that can work wonders especially in the welding industry because in most cases, no one is actually doing it well or right.

Pay Per Click

With a website, you can go ahead and start using Bing Ads and Google Adwords to target the local traffic particularly on a pay per click basis. This will enable you get qualified traffic instantly to your site. Besides, you will also be able to get an instant local listing on Google. While this is sometimes considered a fast route to start getting clients, many businesses tend to do it and it works for them greatly. Doing this gives you a big advantage over competitors.

Secrets To Being A Successful Welding Business

Welding business can be very demanding especially when it is still in its early stages. The good news is, many entrepreneurs have succeeded in such businesses and so can you. At American Fabrication Academy, we interact with a lot of successful welding business owners and we have learned quite a few secrets to succeeding in this field.

  1. First, being an owner of a welding business requires you to always remain alert for a lot of things concurrently. For example, treating all your employees well, your attitude towards what you do, and staying in touch with your clients and being good to them is just as important as the means for starting your welding business. Employee retention is very critical to the success of any business. You can only retain your employees if you pay them well and treat them well.
  2. Secondly, it is important to spend a lot of time finding and luring the right clients depending on the kind of welding services you provide. This usually takes time and effort. It therefore requires commitment and patience on your side as the owner of the business.
  3. Thirdly, you should focus on the types of welding you are proficient in. Unless you intend to have a big workforce and employ welding managers who will be managing teams of welders working on the forms of welding you don’t have skills in, it’s advisable that you stick to the form of welding you are an expert in.

Last but not least, provide quality services and produce quality products because this is the only way to make your clients come back to you whenever they need metal fabrication services.


To start a successful a metal fabrication shop or a welding business, you should keep in mind that you have to invest in marketing and advertisement. Use effective marketing and advertisement techniques to let people know about your business and services and to increase the amount of clients you get.

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