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Metal Fabrication: Expectation Vs. Reality

Metal Fabrication is the procedure of creating different metallic structures by various processes like cutting, bending, etc. of metallic materials such as steel, aluminium, and many more. The most common products which are created by using this technique are machinery and its parts, and other large-scale industrial projects. The most common processes which are involved in the fabrication of metal is welding, forming, cutting, and machining.

The concept of ‘fabrication of metal’ is generally not entirely clear to the people who are not previously acquainted with it. Because of this, many inexperienced people have certain set notions and expectations which are more often than not never true. And that’s one of the main reasons as to why now is the time to set the record straight on such expectations and bust some myths regarding welding and fabrication!

Given below are some common beliefs and their actual realities:

  • Myth: Fabrication of Metals is more expensive than the fabrication of other types of materials

This is not true at all. With the advancement of technology in the field of fabrication, metals have become just as affordable as other types of materials. However, no one can deny that metals in comparison to other non – metallic materials like plastic, wood, etc. are more durable, have a longer lifespan and can mostly be reused several times in the long run.

  • Myth: The best metal fabrication place is the one that uses the lightest material 

Again, this belief is not true. While on the face of it, a lighter amount of metal may be cheaper when it comes to the cost of production. However, lighter and thinner metals also acquire a large amount of maintenance and repair cost in the long run which will eventually result in costs equaling to the money that would have been spent in fabricating a heavier metal. So, if you are planning to go for a Metal Fabrication place which uses the lightest material, you may want to think again.

  • Myth: Steel is useful only for industrial level metal projects

Steel comes in many different kinds and varieties, and it would be an extreme case of generalization to say that steel is good only for the purposes of industrial level projects. It is true that steel is used in many industrial projects but other kinds of steel, like stainless steel, galvanized steel or even coated steel, are used in the production of many other projects which are more design and retail-centric. Other uses of such types of steel include making of modern kitchen appliances, various parts of a car, etc. In the end, it simply depends on how you choose to use it.

  • Myth: Galvanized steel is not a long-lasting solution for large scale projects

This is again quite false. Galvanized steel is not only highly durable and long – lasting, but if used the correct way, it can last for many decades, no matter where it is used – in buildings, infrastructure project and even home appliances.

  • Myth: American Based Metal Fabrication cannot compete with Outsourced Fabrication

Contrary to the popular idea, American metal fabrication companies are reliable, safer, stable, and overall more affordable than outsourcing of your metal fabrication will ever be. Though outsourcing may have its own benefits, it is never advisable to have your supply chain so far from your sight.

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