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Reasons Welding is a Great Career Choice

Have you been contemplating choosing welding as a career but you are still hesitant because you don’t know whether it’s a great career choice? If so, then you have come to the right place. Read on to learn what makes welding a wonderful career choice.

  • The Demand for Welders Is Very High

Welders are in very high demand. Actually, welders are needed in every town, city, country or state. While welders are available everywhere, many places are in need of more welders than are available. This means that there are more job opportunities for welders and this is one of the things that make welding a great career choice today. All you need to have is a decent work ethic and you will always have jobs.

There is no way a welder can lose his job and be without work. For instance, if the nations decide to go into war with each other today, most people will definitely lose their jobs. In fact, most people, if not all, may have no choice but to start learning new skills. This is not true with welding, and welders will be in even more demand. It’s just that welders might start applying their trade in different fields.

  • It Is Extremely Easy To Get Into

One of the major reasons why welding is a wonderful career choice is that it is extremely easy to get into. First, you don’t require formal education of any level to be a welder. Secondly, you don’t even require any experience to start as a welder. Well, don’t get me wrong. Experience is very important in any career. However, unlike other careers that require some form of field experience, welding doesn’t require any experience. The truth is that experience is also important in welding. It’s only that it is not a requirement.

The more you involve yourself in the trade, the more experience you get, and the more you learn. What makes welding a great trade is that you can simply start from the bottom. For instance, you can start a welding trade in a workshop without any formal education and learn everything you need to know on the job. For very eager individuals, welding can be learnt even at home. There are a lot of online help that you can combine with enough practice to start your own welding business from home.

  • It Pays Very Well

Whether you start your own welding business or you get employed as a welder, the earning will be impressive. Of course, welding is not any get-rich scheme. However, if you get into the industry and you are patient enough, you will definitely earn good money. An entry-level welder can earn an average of about 40,000 US dollars annually and the pay usually continues regularly. With plenty of experience especially in a good field of welding, the earnings can increase to up to an average of between 50,000 US dollars to 150,000 US dollars a year.

Even though welding itself is known to pay fairly well, many opportunities for many various welding positions that arise from high demand means that welders have so many options that they can choose from to earn more money. To earn more coin, you need to get better day by day in welding, and the bigger the team of welders you are managing, the more money you will earn.

  • Climbing The Ladder Is Very Easy

Since there is a huge demand across the world for welders, advancing in the industry is very easy. Because there is high demand, it means that there is more work and this results into more work opportunities for anyone who is career-driven to become better and get to a higher position.

Just like in any other industries, the welding industry needs managers too. It therefore goes without saying that every team of few welders needs somebody to manage it. This means that you can climb the leader and have a team of welders working under your supervision on various welding projects you have been assigned. In the welding industry, it is very common to find welders who are just out of apprenticeships being made team managers.

  • Starting Your Own Welding Business Is Easy

Compared to other types of businesses or companies, starting a part-time welding business is easier and not as demanding. Besides, it is even easier to turn that part-time work into a full-time business. Since welding has diversified fields and the demand for welders is huge, there is a great potential of starting a growing welding business that earns you a lot of money while also giving many other welders great working opportunities. If you are an entrepreneur, welding is a great option you should consider.

  • It Gives You An Opportunity To Travel

Do you enjoy experiencing life in various cultures while working and earning money? If yes, then welding is definitely a perfect career choice for you. First, welding processes are always similar in all parts of the world. This means that once you have learnt the skills, you can work anywhere in the world. This gives you an opportunity to go work in other countries or regions where you will have the opportunity to interact with other unique cultures. Secondly, there is high demand for skilled, experienced welders in many countries across the world. For this reason, you can easily get a job as a welder abroad.

  • The Skills You Learn

When you learn welding skills, you will not only use them at work, but you can also use them outside work. By learning welding skills, you will also be able to help your friends with their work, or your own welding projects at home. When you work at the workshop as a welder, you will also learn several other skills besides welding skills. You can apply these skills creatively in your everyday life. There is the mechanical aspect of the job of a welder. The mechanical aspects also teach welders plenty of useful skills that they can apply when working on their own cars and when working on their own property or house.

  • It’s An Enjoyable Work

Apart from the fact that there are endless opportunities for welders, welding is also very enjoyable. It might look like a very hard job for people who haven’t learnt the skills. However, the truth is that welding in itself is a very enjoyable work. The challenge of fabricating a metal or weaving a weld until you end up with a very beautiful-looking, strong section is simply fulfilling.

Being able to transform several metals into an inconceivable project that not only looks great but is also very useful for particular purpose brings a never-ending satisfaction to the welder. Imagine being the one with highly sought-after skills that can weave any weld into a useful piece that someone or a company wants. This feeling just makes the whole welding exercise an exciting experience.


There are many other great things that make welding a great career choice. The ones discussed in this article are just a few of them. You need to be a welder to know how rewarding and fulfilling this career and trade can be. If you have any question about welding, or if you need any welding training, you can always check out and contact us or find out what we offer.

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